Industrial Solar Cells

Researching innovative laser-processed solar cells and photovoltaic modules: No hazardous substances but low production costs!

Our group “Industrial Solar Cells” is engaged in various research activities for higher efficiencies and less production costs of solar cells in industry-oriented processes. Together with the ipv-group “Laser Processes”, we develop high-efficiency back contact solar cells. The laser processes reduce production costs and process time. In a project co-financed by the BMWi and EnBW, we connect these back contact cells to photovoltaic modules without using any hazardous substances or noble metals like lead or silver. In parallel, we are cooperating with a company in order to develop an industrially feasible laser-tool for doping the silicon wafers. Another project together with four research institutes in Baden-Württemberg has the goal of applying digitalization technologies to a self-learning photovoltaic factory: The ipv is working on a digital twin for our laser-tools.


This picture showsRenate Zapf-Gottwick
Dr. rer. nat.

Renate Zapf-Gottwick

Head of the Workgroup Industrial Solar Cells

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