Winfried Kretschmann visits the ipv

August 22, 2023 / Stefanie Efinger

As part of this year's summer tour under the motto "meeting climate change with innovation", the Minister President of Baden-Württemberg visited the Institute for Photovoltaics today.

Kretschmann was particularly interested in the start-up "Perosol", which was founded by Professor Michael Saliba and Dr. Claudiu Mortan and aims to make photovoltaics even more efficient and sustainable with new materials called perovskites. During a short tour of the institute's laboratory, the Minister President was able to experience the scientists' research on the so-called glovebox array up close. In this glovebox, sensitive materials can be processed in a sealed atmosphere. Master's student Yanning Ding showed how the ultra-thin perovskite layer is produced inside. Mortan then introduced his team and their work in the perosol lab. Here, student employee Jan Tschakaloff explained to the guests how solar cells can be printed with the help of a 3D printer. Kretschmann was impressed by the researchers' innovative spirit: "Prosperity does not simply perpetuate itself - we need innovation. Today shows that Baden-Württemberg has a lot to offer in this respect", the Minister President summed up.

Winfried Kretschmann and Dr. Claudiu Mortan of the start-up Perosol
Winfried Kretschmann and Dr. Claudiu Mortan of the start-up Perosol


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