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Information for students who wish to do their thesis at ipv


Subject Field Photovoltaics:
Subject Field Electrical Energy Storage Systems:

Doing your students thesis at the ipv, you have the option of looking into exciting issues and contributing to state-of-the-art research topics.

We assure our students that the students theses at the ipv can be completed within the specified time period. The grading system is based on a clear criteria check list.

Available Topics

Investigation of a transparent conductive front contact based on silver nanowires for perovskite/Si tandem solar cells
Herstellung von Perowskit-Solarzellen durch Schlitzdüsenbeschichtung mit einem nachgerüsteten 3D-Drucker
High Vacuum Metal Evaporation
LASER Treatment for TiO2 and SnO2 Thin Films
Laser patterning of Metal oxide thin films
Perovskite solar cells fabrication via state-of-the-art method
Validierung von zwei Verfahren einer OnBoard Impedanzanalyse


This image shows Stephanie Essig

Stephanie Essig

Dr. rer. nat.

Head of the Workgroup High Efficiency Solar Cells

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