Semiconductor Technology

Semiconductor processes and maintenance of the infrastructure are our tasks.

Semiconductor Technology Group

The group „Semiconductor Technology“ includes all technical assistants and engineers of the institute. Our interdisciplinary team ensures the maintenance of the cleanroom and offers comprehensive support for the academic staff and students.

Semiconductor Processes

One of our main tasks is the operation of important solar cell manufacture processes for our institute. This includes oxidation, diffusion, plasma enhanced deposition, wet chemical cleaning and etching, metallization, laser doping, etc. We constantly adapt these technologies to new requirements emerging from ongoing and new projects at the ipv. Thanks to the close networking within the institute, we are able to develop new quality control standards and to create standardized processes on a regular basis.


For our processes, we provide ultrapure gases in a gas system covering the entire cleanroom. Moreover, we supply the wet benches with chemicals and process our water in two ultrapure water systems. Besides, we provide any kind of tools and equipment required in the cleanroom. We perform safety instructions and support all employees with regard to safety issues. In our mechanical workshop, we design constructions for chucks, prototypes for experiments, and many other components, frequently made from stainless steel.

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