Institute for Photovoltaics (ipv)

We teach photovoltaics, electrical energy storage systems, optoelectronics and energy conversion - covering basics, state-of-the-art developments, and applications.

Our teaching concept

In teaching, the ipv endeavors to update its students to cutting edge standards in scientific knowledge and introduces them to its own research activities in an effort to warrant best possible preparation for their profession. In addition to straight forward specialized knowledge the ipv also facilitates methodological skills such as presentation lecturing and publishing techniques including specific subject-related terminology. Lectures and final theses are in part presented in English language. With regard to theses the ipvplaces great emphasis on an efficiently and tightly maintained schedule. Not only in theory but also in practice bachelor, research, and master theses are expected to be completed within periods of three or six months, as stipulated by study regulations.  Internships at home and abroad, actively encouraged and facilitated by the ipv, provide students with opportunities to gather valuable experience for the needs of the workplace. Company tours and contacts with industrial partners complete the offer. The ipv’s teaching is considered to be of equal importance as its research.


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Stefanie Efinger



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