Vision Statement and Objectives of the Institute

The ipv's principles regarding research, teaching, working methods, and cooperation

Research, teaching and staff training at ipv

In research, the ipv aims to be at the forefront of scientific knowledge in international standards, engaging in applied research that is relevant to the public and society. Components and systems produced at the ipv claim to be among the best in the world. ipv projects are application-oriented and claim to explain in detail and to improve physical and chemical processes in materials, components, and systems.

In teaching, the ipv endeavors to update its students to cutting edge standards in scientific knowledge and introduces them to its own research activities in an effort to warrant best possible preparation for their profession. In addition to straight forward specialized knowledge the ipv also facilitates methodological skills such as presentation  lecturing and publishing techniques including specific subject-related terminology. Lectures and final theses are in part presented in English language. With regard to theses the ipv places great emphasis on an efficiently and tightly maintained schedule. Not only in theory but also in practice bachelor, research, and master theses are expected to be completed within periods of three or six months, as stipulated by study regulations.  Internships at home and abroad, actively encouraged and facilitated by the ipv, provide students with opportunities to gather valuable experience for the needs of the workplace. Company tours and contacts with industrial partners complete the offer. The ipv’s teaching is considered to be of equal importance as its research.

The ipv proactively promotes training of its staff and students alike. Doctoral theses are sought to be completed within a period of three years. All employees are encouraged to further their own qualifications to the extent possible and are expected to attend additional courses of training. Personnel development is given the same standing at the ipv as its commitment to first class teaching and research.

Interdisciplinarity and internationality

The ipv sees itself as an institute of interdisciplinary research conducted in the fields of electrical engineering, information technology, physics, material science and chemistry. In doing so, the ipv cooperates worldwide with institutes and companies in a variety of areas of expertise.

As far as short and long term visitors from abroad are concerned, the ipv aims for a minimum student share of 10%. Our staff and students are to work in an international atmosphere that is characterized by mutual trust. ipv support of its students and staff is geared towards this end, encouraging them actively to either do part of their projects or an internship abroad.

Principle of mutual support and training

Both institute management and staff support each other in their respective work and personal progress, paying  attention not only to their own individual interests but also to those of their colleagues.

The ipv’s most important resource are its employees, their health and their well-being.


The ipv’s image in terms of its laboratories, workshops, offices, student labs and publicly accessible spaces including its employees, publications as well as presentations made by staff must be consistent with its claim to practice research, teaching and staff training at the highest possible level.


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